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School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school's aims and policies

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Opportunity for parents to meet School Governors


‘Friday morning is a fantastic time for me as I can talk to different parents about the school and our children’s needs. We feel that our governors make time to listen to us; it is also an opportunity that as Muslims we can share different cultures/ upbringing but that we have much in common like friendship and supporting each other. Cooking is a good way to learn about each other.’



‘Friday morning in the community room means that we get to chat, we have fun and get to meet all the parents. If there is an issue we talk about it in the Community Room. Our Parent Partnership worker helps with translation if we need it.’

Parent Governor


‘In the Community Room I enjoy meeting friends, having fun, it is a place to be sociable with all member of the community. I would like to Thank Mrs.Darr and the staff.’



‘Friday morning coffee in the community room we socialise, we chat, we enjoy ourselves. It is somewhere where we can relax and know that my children are well looked after. If I want to see the Head Teacher she’s available and also we have the support of the School Governor. We take turns cooking and learning about each others cultures. I want to thank the staff and Mrs.Darr for giving us this room. Thank you Mrs.Darr.’