Year 5

Hello from year 5!

Our classroom is very child friendly and cosy. You will find an interactive whiteboard, a welcoming reading corner to relax and indulge a thirst for books and displays to help the children's learning.

Throughout Year 5 we cover many interesting, exciting topics.

Over the school year we do the following eleven topics:


Autumn 1 – Ancient Greece and Humans and Animals.


Autumn 2 – “Are we damaging the world?” and Forces


Spring 1 – The Mayans and properties and Changes of materials


Spring 2 – “Where does all our stuff come from?” and Properties and changes of materials


Summer 1 – Earth and space and the Victorians


Summer 2 – Living things and their habitats and “How will our world look in the future?”

Recently in year 5

During autumn, year 5 visited Birmingham Museum to explore Ancient Greek artefacts and learn about how the Ancient Greeks lived and their legacy. In spring 2018, year 5 we had a Mayan workshop as part of our history topic to explore how the Mayan civilisation lived many thousands of years ago. For science we will also be visiting the think tank to conduct research and investigate materials through fun workshops and experiments as part of our work on Materials and their properties. Year 5 are also participating in weekly drama sessions exploring the Mayan culture through role play in Spring 1 with Sarah Mills (drama expert). During spring 2 2018, year 5 will be participating in the just three clicks project designed to raise awareness about terrorism. So far year 5 have had an amazing and successful year and we hope to continue to build on this success.


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