Year 4

During Spring , Year 4 visited Land Rover Jaguar as part of their DT work related to vehicles. They also looked at how transport has developed over the years. They designed and made a Roman chariot which was also linked to their work on Anglo Saxons. They also spent an afternoon making chocolate chip cakes at Aston Manor Academy. They loved weighing  the ingredients,  using estimation skills and using oven gloves.

In Mathematics, Year 4 looked at converting between different units of measure. They really enjoyed using their multiplication and division skills. They planned their ideal timetable for a day, choosing which activities they would do if they had their ideal day. In KUW they wrote a fantastic newspaper report about Sutton Hoo, a place in Suffolk where an An Anglo Saxon ship was discovered in 1930’s with it’s very own collection of valuable artefacts.

Year 4 are currently looking at Iceland for their KUW topic, they are developing their Atlas skills and will be looking at the physical and human features of a Landscape. The class book this half term is James and the Giant Peach.  Year 4 are lucky enough to be working with Mrs Mills (drama specialist) to create role plays based around the popular Roald Dahl Book. Role play activities support the development of Literacy skills. As part of their Science work on Sound, they will visit the prestigious Symphony Hall to listen to a live performance by the world renowned orchestra based in Birmingham.



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