Year 4

During the Spring Term in 2018, Year 4 has lots of interesting topics and exciting trips to look forward to.

In Literacy, we have been writing our own Myths and Legends based on our class book “Arthur, High King of Britain”, written by Michael Morpurgo. This book is about King Arthur, a great warrior king, who tells a young boy the story of Camelot. In our lessons, we have been looking at how we can develop our language to describe heroes, heroines and mythical beasts in detail. We will then be developing our knowledge of the Anglo Saxons, which we are learning about in KUW, to create some informative leaflets. We will be presenting information to tell others about what it was like to live in the time of the Anglo Saxons, the places in Britain that were named by the Anglo Saxons and the different gods that the Anglo Saxons believed in.

In Guided Reading, we are following the school’s ‘Mastery’ approach and have been reading deeper into extracts taken from our class book. We have been learning how to use directs quotations from the text as evidence to support the point we are making in our answer. This will help us in our Reading Assessments.

In Maths, Year 4 is continuing to look into Number and Place Value. We have been developing the skills needed when carrying out Multiplication and Division and we will then be continuing onto fractions. We have been using lots of new methods, such as a Place Value Chart and the Grid Method, to help us with our understanding in these areas.

In Science, Year 4 is learning about ‘States of Matter’. We will be carrying out experiments to deepen our knowledge of the properties of these three different states, to understand how the properties move around in these materials. We will be looking into evaporation, melting and freezing and how these processes occur in the Water Cycle.

In Art, we will be doing an Artist study on Salvador Dali. We will look at some of his work and create our own version of one of his famous paintings.

During this Term, Year 4 will be visiting the British Motor Museum in Coventry. We are very excited to be learning lots about vehicles and taking part in creating our vehicles during the visit. We have a long day ahead of us, we will be leaving school at 8.00am and not returning until 4.00pm, but we can’t wait!

Since returning to school after the Christmas Holidays, we have been using ‘Bear Cards’ in the classroom to help us to discuss our feelings. These cards help us to come up with strategies together to help us to feel happy and ready to learn. We are very open in Year 4 and we discuss our issues with each other to ensure they are resolved and we are happy at school.


Both Miss Prosser and Mrs Salam are extremely happy with Year 4 so far this year! 



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