Year 1

Our teachers this year are Mr Scott and Mrs Salam.

Where in the world is Barnaby bear?

We explored the United Kingdom as Barnaby bear travelled around. We found out what the countries were called and we could find them on our maps. We were all very shocked at how small the UK is compared to the rest of the world.


Science week

We explored food in science week, we looked at apples thinking about their taste and smell we even talked about how they were different colours, we looked to see how much fat was in different items of food by rubbing it onto white paper, it was disgusting to see that crisps made the paper see through because ti was so fatty. We also experimented with dropping different food into lemonade, we laughed so hard when the raisins began to dance because the bubbles in the lemonade kept pushing them up.




Previous topics we have enjoyed are...

The Great Fire of London

We went to Blakesley Hall to learn all about the Great Fire of London. We dressed up as the people of the day would have done and one of us pretended to be Samuel Pepys who wrote in his diary about the fire.

Sound topic

We have been learning all about sound, we went on a listening walk around school hearing lots of different noises. We played with different instruments exploring pitch and different sounds they made. We have also made our own shakers!



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