Our teachers this year are Miss Bone, Miss Gilligan and Miss Kamali.

Reception class is full of exciting activities to learn from, we have two rooms and a great outdoor environment to use. Our wet room is where we can get a little messy. We can sit in the cosy reading area and read a book or even practice our phonics with Fred. We have an interactive whiteboard and computer that we can complete activities on and areas to write and do maths. Our outdoors has a sand pit, gazebos, waterplay and even some animals.

Spring Term 2018

This Spring term, we are learning about toys. We will be focusing on the different types of toys, talking about what toys are made from and how they are made, and we will be investigating how different toys work.


We will be focusing on reading and writing simple words and sentences. You can help your child by reading simple CVC words such as cat, dog, hat. Also sharing books and talking about the characters and events.

Our Phonics scheme is Ruth Miskin Phonics. On this link, you will be able to find information of how to help your child at home:


We will be focusing on counting objects to 10 and beyond, knowing what is 1 more and 1 less than a number, adding and subtracting objects and talking about 2D and 3D shapes. We will also talk about money and time. You can help your child by counting and adding objects at home. Also, you can help them by finding different 3D shapes around their environment, showing them the different coins when using them in the shops, and showing them the clock when it’s time to go to bed or have dinner.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be focusing on painting pictures of favourite toys, using the colours correctly. Also, we will experiment with different colours and create models using different shapes.

Physical Development

We will be focusing on learning to use a range of tools to achieve results, using equipment, such as scissors, and making and modelling by using a range of joining and cutting materials. Also, we are focusing on forming the letters correctly while writing. You can help your child at home by practising the correct formation and the use of child friendly scissors. Please make sure that the children are sitting properly while writing or cutting, and are holding their pencil and scissors correctly.

On this link, you can find information about how to help children with their handwriting:

Communication and Language


We will be focusing on speaking confidently to others, give explanations and talk about past and future events. Also, listening to others and taking turns when having a conversation. 

Reception induction booklet - CLICK HERE