Our teachers this year are Ms Stefan and Miss Nelson.

In Nursery practitioners work with parents to get to know each individual child's preferred learning style.

We begin by visiting prospective nursery children with their family at home . Parents and children have several opportunities to visit nursery before their official start date. This enables children to make a smooth transition from home to school and helps parents children and practitioners create the best learning environment for the child.

Every child is belongs to a nurture group with a key worker who is the first point of contact for parents and children in that group.
We have a daily nurture group time when we enjoy a healthy snack and drink sing songs count and listen to social stories.

Children learn through stimulating and exciting activities in an interesting and stimulating learning environment .Children learn through play based activities outdoors and indoors. Practitioners plan and lead adult guided and focused activities with small groups of children and also activities which children may access themselves. Exploratory play leads to exploratory learning .

We have a variety of wildlife in nursery, chickens ducks quails rabbits guinea pigs lizarda turtles and fish.Jack our animal man brings us an animal at least once a week and we learn to handle the animal in a calm quiet manner.

We have a balance of quiet times active times story imaginative play investigative play focus activities maths literacy and creative activities during the day .
We prepare for home time with a drink of milk and a snack and a story



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