Our teachers this years are Mrs Pache (class teacher and bumble bees Group key worker , Miss Nelson( Teaching Assistant and Butterflies Group key worker)  and Miss Francis (Teaching Assistant and Lady Birds Group key worker).

Spring 1 Updates

Topic: My community 29th January- 9th February

During these two weeks we will learn about different cultures in different countries (Somalia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Sudan and England).  Teaching your children about world cultures helps them appreciate the differences in people and their traditions. Also it helps them in understanding the similarities and differences between their own culture and another.


Local trips to the Post Office – sending cards to our special friends

Celebrations and Festival- Chinese New Year 12th February – 17th February


Spring 2 updates

Topic: Growing and Mini beasts

The Mini beasts Topic encourages children to create a working wall about mini beasts and think about being kind, friendly and helpful. In the Science Corner we provide cameras or mirror and some Mini beasts Photos. Encourage the children to choose a picture and make a face to show how that picture makes them feel. The Role Play Are will be set up a mini beast themed small world area using this Small World Background and these Mini beasts’ props. Encourage children to create and retell stories, to support their language.


As part of this topic we will be visiting a farm.

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